Grayson Pike

Software Developer   •   Digital Consultant

A bit about myself

I'm a computer science student at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm interested in cloud architecture, process automation, and full-stack web development. I'm currently a Summer Analyst with McKinsey & Company based in New York City.

My projects

I work on a variety of projects in my free time. They're all open source and available on GitHub.

A website to compare music taste with your friends.

+1 (888) 573-8541

My personal automated hotline.

Austin Dockless Scooter Data Analysis

Measuring lifespan of and revenue generated from dockless scooters like Lime and Bird.

CTMUN Website

The official website of Central Texas Model United Nations.

CTMUN Parley

A debate timer for Central Texas Model United Nations.


A custom 2D game engine written on top of the SDL2 library.

Facial Recognition Door Lock

C++ software and instructions to create a facial recognition powered door lock using a Raspberry Pi.

Iliad NLP

Comparing different translations of the Iliad with statistical analysis.